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[sticky post] WELCOME POST

Hi! This is Ryu. You've stumbled across my lair. It's not very fancy, but I hope you enjoy your visit!

Most important things first: The FIC LISTS!! There you will find the fics I've made. Be forewarned though that I write YAOI and even occasional SHOTA fics. There's also a heavy dose of angst and kinky pron when I'm stressed out. I guess that's all I can say about the fics. If you like them, please, comment and let me know, ne.

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And while I generally just add back whoever add me as a friend, I check the profile first before adding. If I don't find much similarities such as mutual friends, communities, or interest between us, I would most likely not add you back. Unless, of course, you drop a comment telling me who you are and why you want to add me as your friend. If you do add me, please beware of entries of my personal life (I've made them available for friends only). I tend to rant a lot, unfortunately. It's a bad habit I'm trying to fix ^^;;

If you're not a member of LJ, unfortunately you can't comment of my entries. I've received a lot of spams lately and am honestly worried about getting viruses, so now only LJ members can leave me comments. However, I always welcome you to comment of ff.net or other sites where I post my fics.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

It's Happening

Photobucket is basically keeping the pictures I uploaded there hostage until I subscribe to them (for $500 a year? Really?). I guess their canvass sale didn't go well (because really? Really?). I thought about deleting this blog because most pictures I have on Photobucket are for this dead blog. But, since some of my old fics are only posted here, I decided against it. So, if at some point you encounter images hidden by photobucket on this blog, that's why and let's just all move on.
 photo cover small_zpsvjq3t1vf.jpg

Idk why it took me so long to make anything for these dwarves, but here's something.
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Long Vacation (that wasn't Long Enough!)

WIthout furtherado, here are pics from my vacation with tacuma811 and paranoid_fridge!

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Because I've been busy going to weddings the past two weeks, here are the pics!
 photo DSC_0357_zpsfnbkvvh6.jpg
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Update on Chrome Situation

It still sucks.In fact, it got worse because now every time I open chrome and open a new tab there, it will automatically try to download an f.txt file. I've done my usual malware and junkware scan but this one proves to be stubborn. Any advice?

And about Chrome not being cooperative, could it be the flash (which I've been told there's nothing to do about)? Or something else? tacuma811 said she had this problem for months and it disappeared after she upgraded to Windows 10 but I don't want to upgrade. I also noticed that after every Windows Explorer crash, Chrome started working properly again. I can't figure out what triggers these crashes. Sometimes it happens when I try to open a program but other times it just sort of happens for no clear reason. Never mind this, it doesn't always work. Sometimes the error stays. Anyway, now chrome mostly displays blank pages though if I let it sit long enough it'll auto refresh and show codes again or it'll make chrome crash. Error notifications are now rare.

Also I tried to use Safari the other day. It worked well until I closed the window and couldn't reopen it. I've clicked the icon, restart, do anything I can think of to open the program, but it wouldn't budge. Any suggestion for alternative to Chrome?

So, basically, help? I don't want to send my laptop away to be repaired because I have all my work docs and fics there.


Help Me, Computer Wizards!

Yesterday my chrome stopped working. Facebook, twitter, a game site I often visit, yahoo mail, gmail, google, and youtube wouldn't open. Strangely, Ao3 and buzzfeed were doing ok, and so did Firefox (with the exception of mail yahoo). I tried everything I could think of: cleaning registry, clearing up cache, clearing up flash, reinstalling, restarting laptop, restaring connection, scanning for spybot, turning off anti virus, and human sacrifice. I also googled the solution but it seemed to me most of them are for web developers (if it's not, I understand absolutely nothing about what people said). Chrome crashed a few times. It randomly started working again but if I closed the window, it would act up again.

When I tried again this morning the problem seemed to have been resolved. I could use chrome just fine, closing the window didn't cause chrome apocalypse. I turned off my laptop for a couple of hours to nap and when I came back, chrome went mad again. This happened at roughly the same time as yesterday 5.30 pm local time (+7 GMT)

Here are some pic selection (click for bigger pics):
 photo fb_zpsveutuxgr.jpg

 photo twitter_zps5ovrfmcm.jpg

When I tried to open a gaming site, it just showed many lines of ffffffe. Yesterday ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED also appeared and today it was ERR_INVALID_CHUNKED_ENCODING. Chrome is currently working again but I don't dare to close the window. Any suggestion? DIagnosis? Help! I'm a noob and I actually need to work with internet!


Gossip? Rant? Something in between

I heard news from Hobbitcon that the drama queen I tried to avoid was behaving well during dinner with my friends. One of them claimed she's changed her ways and the fight was probably because of language problem, but I'm not convinced. I can excuse rudeness as language problem. I probably sound really rude sometimes because I misunderstand how to use some words. BUT selfishness and childishness have nothing to do with language. I mean, seriously, how could language explain her throwing a tantrum whenever people didn't pay attention to her immediately? Or guilt tripping people for not giving her birthday presents? Or her obsession with a fight she clearly had no intention of ending? It certainly didn't help to convince me when 2 weeks before this she's being impossible when asked about Hobbitcon. Nope. I think it's just a public persona because she can't hide behind computer and phone screens anymore. Besides, I've seen this 'improvement' before. It's gone days after she got our attention back.

Yeah, I have trust issues, am a skeptic bitch, resent and remember, etc. etc. but I'm done with drama queens.


Blessing in Disguise

I've been moaning and whining about not being allowed to go to Hobbitcon though I totally have enough money to go, but apparently it's a blessing in disguise because the person who tried to guilt trip me for not getting her any birthday present will also be there. I just got the news this morning from two other friends who had to deal with her. They're invited to dinner with someone on tumblr and agreed. It's only after that that they realized the drama queen will also go to the dinner. One of my friends tried to talk to the drama queen but she was being rude (the friend also asked about Hobbitcon a few days ago and only got symbols/emoticons as a reply, so she didn't ask more). Now my friends are worried that the dinner will end up as a bitch fest and they'e trying to get out of it.

So, I guess not being able to go to Hobbitcon isn't such a bad thing, after all. I don't have to deal with crazy!

PS: I wish I don't have to call her crazy but she's hard to talk to (as in, there's some kind of disconnect between people and her, and not just because of language barrier), rude, and is sometimes really weird, like insisting that she's now her twin brother and should be called Ian (don't ask). I'm not sure whether she's trying too hard to be cute and quirky or is genuinely unhinged.
This probably should go to tumblr but making long posts there broke my eyes and flash and I'm a bit scared of having opinions there. Anyway, I saw something today about Thorin being a private citizen and Fili and Kili not being raised as princes ("We grew up on tales of the Mountain...") and how that affected the quest (only 13 dwarves instead of an entire army) and the boys' characterizations (people not taking them seriously). I have a different opinion about that.

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