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I heard news from Hobbitcon that the drama queen I tried to avoid was behaving well during dinner with my friends. One of them claimed she's changed her ways and the fight was probably because of language problem, but I'm not convinced. I can excuse rudeness as language problem. I probably sound really rude sometimes because I misunderstand how to use some words. BUT selfishness and childishness have nothing to do with language. I mean, seriously, how could language explain her throwing a tantrum whenever people didn't pay attention to her immediately? Or guilt tripping people for not giving her birthday presents? Or her obsession with a fight she clearly had no intention of ending? It certainly didn't help to convince me when 2 weeks before this she's being impossible when asked about Hobbitcon. Nope. I think it's just a public persona because she can't hide behind computer and phone screens anymore. Besides, I've seen this 'improvement' before. It's gone days after she got our attention back.

Yeah, I have trust issues, am a skeptic bitch, resent and remember, etc. etc. but I'm done with drama queens.