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Because I've been busy going to weddings the past two weeks, here are the pics!
 photo DSC_0357_zpsfnbkvvh6.jpg
 photo DSC_0359_zpslmqdyeha.jpg

Traditional male outfit (not the groom). The women didn't wear traditional dress (theirs were kinda modern) so I didn't take any picture.

 photo DSC_0360_zpsmb3kanix.jpg

Yep. He carried a weapon. Keris! Not sure whether this was functional or not but there you go.

 photo DSC_0379_zps3yzznw36.jpg

Soldier. Not sure why he's there. People add random things to their weddings nowadays. Yes. He carried a sword. A real one.

 photo DSC_0370_zpsjthky3gw.jpg

Couple + groom's parents. Fathers of groom and bride have fabrics wrapped around their waists to show that they're the couple's fathers.

 photo DSC_0380_zpssyih564a.jpg

Not sure what they're called but they're the essentials for traditional wedding (called Panggih). Bride and groom throw some kind of leaves at each other, bride washes groom's feet, they break egg (seen in the center of the plate), and they're married!

 photo DSC_0386_zpst4uavtz7.jpg

The bride. Check out the headdress!

 photo DSC_0394_zpsxbpyn7s2.jpg

Back view of the headdress. Jasmine everywhere! Also note the groom's Keris decorated with jasmine.

 photo DSC_0373_zpsiluo22yd.jpg

Random antique decorations at the wedding.

Second wedding is my bff's wedding.

 photo DSC_0425_zpshikwqeyj.jpg

Some say we're like twins. Except that I'm the prettier, slimmer, and taller one. LoL jk. Anyway this is a slightly different tradition. Her makeup and headdress are simpler.

 photo DSC_0426_zpso7mi6j9y.jpg

Back view. There's an option to cover the whole thing with jasmine but she only wanted a little bit. She called it Kamen Rider style!

 photo DSC_0432_zpsvcqrvhip.jpg

Live traditional music performance! Usually expensive because you gotta rent the instruments as well but she got discount because they're her cousin's friends or something.

 photo DSC_0437_zpsbpilvsgt.jpg

The bride's father. Note the lack of cloth wrapped around his waist compared with the first wedding. In this tradition, the fathers wear gold pocketwatches but because those are crazy expensive, they're just wearing golden trinkets (you can see the chain there).
 photo DSC_0436_zpsfg1bfhnt.jpg

This is the look during the reception. Groom was wearing traditional clothes. Bride's headdress was a lot more complex with more flowers. The girls are called patah and they're there to be manual fans :P

Due to complexity of work (as well as working for 2 days) and because traditionally makeup artists are wedding organizers who tell people what to do for the wedding ritual or whatever, they're expensive as hell. In this case, she usually charges +US$1100.

If I ever get married, I will elope because hell no I don't wanna deal with those.


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Sep. 23rd, 2015 03:15 am (UTC)
Spectacular party at least! I have a lot of interest in tradition, not much of it in my family though.
Sep. 25th, 2015 03:22 pm (UTC)
Do share! I love seeing new things on other parts of the world!
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