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Long Vacation (that wasn't Long Enough!)

WIthout furtherado, here are pics from my vacation with tacuma811 and paranoid_fridge!

 photo IMG_7792_zps89wwiumb.jpg

First stop! Yogyakarta Palace, or keraton as we call them. Not many pictures because it's like what I have at home anyway :P

 photo IMG_7794_zpsim2p13or.jpg

This is apparently where the Sultan lives. I guess he was out that day because he didn't come out to greet us XD

It was continued by unsuccessful attempt to drown me in the hotel pool. No picture obviously because they have to remove the evidence. Second day.

 photo IMG_7797_zpslhxyd4o9.jpg

Mount Doom! That's the path for the lava when it erupts and it's huge.

 photo IMG_7800_zpsevqhwic6.jpg

Mini museum of the massive eruption a few years back. There's apparently a bigger one but anyway. It's called Museum Sisa Hartaku which literally means "what remains of my possessions". Lots of gruesome pictures and melted objects, as well as skeletons of cows. There's also a clock that stopped at the exact moment the mountain erupted. Fascinating but scary.

 photo IMG_7807_zpsmxjbijom.jpg

More Merapi. It's on top of a bunker where two people died while hiding from the eruption. We're allowed to enter the bunker, but no thanks. Lovely view, sad story.

 photo IMG_7813_zpsgmguv4ei.jpg

Next! Borobudur! What is there to tell? It's a massive Buddhist ancient temple built by a Hindu king for his Buddhist wife. So if someone proposes to you, ask him to build a massive structure for you first.

 photo IMG_7816_zps596h73ja.jpg

 photo IMG_7817_zpsxtisyesn.jpg

Some statues and reliefs. There's supposed to be some stories there but I can't remember what. According to my mom, the lowest level is supposed to show evil and the top level shows enlightenment.

 photo IMG_7819_zpsryrangum.jpg

The top level. I couldn't find a spot without people :(

 photo IMG_7829_zpssi7vprdh.jpg

Nice view from the top. This king was good with location.

 photo IMG_7838_zpsgguwrpuc.jpg

That night we went to Prambanan. This one's a Hindu temple. According to legend, it's built by a prince to win a princess. The princess wanted him to build 1000 statues in one day and it should be done before sunrise. Unfortunately, he managed to do that and the princess freaked out. So before he managed to finish the last statue, she tricked him into thinking that the sun had risen. He found out and understandably got angry, so he cursed her to turn into a statue. She's supposed to be the statue in the biggest temple. According to local myth, if you go there with your bf/gf, you will break up. No word of married couple, though :P

Anyway, Ramayana ballet!

 photo IMG_7843_zps9xnycfmj.jpg

I can't remember who these guys were supposed to be. Sita's suitors?

 photo IMG_7850_zpstnnl9jm0.jpg

Rama, Sita, and the Golden Deer. Are we doing that Ramayana!AU, guys? Idk how to work that into my otp but it's an amusing idea XDD

 photo IMG_7852_zpsqpyks0yr.jpg

Rama and Marica taking riding a man to a whole different level.

 photo IMG_7859_zpsorpu30jl.jpg

Hanoman: Calm down girls, Hanoman is here!

Girls: *screams internally*

 photo IMG_7865_zps5yg7cjfu.jpg

Baddie dies! Actually no. In this version, he's immortal and was trapped between two mountains, Merapi and Merbabu. Merapi's eruptions are supposed to be him getting angry. I would be angry enough to erupt a mountain if I don't WiFi for millenniums.

Next day, we're off to Komodo!

 photo IMG_7872_zps4oguoifs.jpg

First day didn't look so promising. Dark clouds (and I got a tiny bit seasick tbh). But the sky was brilliantly clear that night and there are more stars that I remember ever seeing in my life. Also those mysterious green lights in the water. Does kraken glow in the dark?

 photo IMG_7892_zpsyr2u21a5.jpg

Our temporary home. Nice, huh?

 photo IMG_7899_zpsejrvj8n6.jpg

The next day, after a difficult climb, we see the famous three-color beaches. From bottom left to right: Black beach, Pink beack, and White beach in Padar Island.

 photo IMG_7909_zpspsiyiqc8.jpg

Pink and Black beaches. The pink one actually looks pink when you look really closely. From the distance it looks white.

 photo IMG_7908_zpsrxgrd3up.jpg

White beach where we spent the night (on the boat, of course).

 photo IMG_7879_zpssia3u5xj.jpg

This is one of the hills at dawn.

 photo IMG_7911_zps3xfn6tsk.jpg

And the same hill at 7-8, after the hike. How about that for before-after pictures?

 photo IMG_7929_zpsj2vbvuis.jpg

Snorkeling at Pink beach! That blond hair seems familiar. I wonder who it was :P

 photo IMG_7942_zpssfatt5v1.jpg

Guess where we were! We came at around their nap time, I guess.

 photo IMG_7944_zpsu4gcc7sk.jpg

Oh, dear this one. There's actually a blind komodo next to it but it's under a house so you can't see it. When paranoidfridge and I tried to take picture with this one, that blind one kept moving 0__0 I need those pictures because I want to title them The Looks of Fear.

 photo IMG_7953_zpsheqtezr3.jpg

View from Frigate Hill. We saw a baby komodo there, too, wisely running away from its cannibalistic relatives.

 photo IMG_7971_zpso4mnnrgt.jpg

Those two there were hissing at each other. I wanted to see a komodo fight but the smaller one backed away. So, no komodo wrestling for us that day.

 photo IMG_7975_zpswbox9yrr.jpg

This may be the biggest one. Our guide said there's one about 3 meters long. Photogenic bastard.

 photo IMG_7988_zps2ktmt6kc.jpg

Waiting for sunrise in... somewhere. I had lost track of our location.

 photo IMG_7994_zpsppfjhqmt.jpg

Fisherman boat.

 photo IMG_8016_zpsjp923k9o.jpg

The big red ball of the sky has finally risen!

 photo IMG_8019_zpskvmnuevp.jpg


 photo IMG_8030_zpsz3uox50p.jpg

Here's our guide, wondering what he had done wrong in his life to deserve dealing with us XDD

And then we went to look for Manta Rays. Saw some but no picture (those bastards are fast). There was also a turtle. There's more snorkeling in Robinson Crusoe island. Sadly no picture. After that one, though, my left eye got irritated. Contact lens and seawater don't mix. So I sat the next snorkeling session out :(

 photo IMG_8049_zpsqjydrvvc.jpg

But here's the very lovely view on Kanawa Island! We saw someone complain about being bitter by a fish. So here's a lesson for you: DO NOT FEED THE FISHIES. I REPEAT. DO NOT FEED THE FISHIES. Unless you want to turn snorkeling into Jaws reenactment. There's an island with very pretty corals and fishes but, yeah, bitey fishies.

 photo IMG_8060_zpsad2z4yrt.jpg

From the dock when we're about to return to civilization. You can stay in small cottages there btw. No WiFi, though :P

 photo IMG_8063_zpsbmpe21m1.jpg

 photo IMG_8065_zps5vsabh1g.jpg

Hotel pool because it's lovely. It's connected to the beach and, best of all, has WiFi!

 photo IMG_8068_zpshcwyq5rg.jpg

Obligatory poolside picture featuring legs.

Anyway. Next day we went to Bali. I can't really remember what we did on that first day. Eating mostly, I guess. On the second day some people committed cultural appropriation. Me and mom tried to go somewhere but there was a ceremony because it's days away from Hindu holiday so we're stuck in traffic and decided to went home. Actual mother-daughter adventuring happened on the last day.

 photo IMG_8074_zps0hqtvoqj.jpg

First stop: Taman Ujung Water Palace. Here's the entrance. It needs pruning but anyway.

 photo IMG_8077_zps7rjltfp7.jpg
 photo IMG_8078_zpsewrtkbck.jpg

 photo IMG_8079_zpslskreigw.jpg

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Seriously, I just love it. This particular building is pretty Western but still lovely. It's relatively new, built in 1901 by a king, destroyed several times by earthquake and fires but here it is now!

 photo IMG_8080_zpsgnb3h4cx.jpg

I'm pretty proud of myself for this shot. We arrived early before anyone got there so I could kneel in peace. That's my mom there.

 photo IMG_8081_zpscssio19m.jpg

The bridge. I think that's a dragon.

 photo IMG_8082_zpscynjxunu.jpg

Gazebo. We'll get there in a minute.

 photo IMG_8084_zps361r09mm.jpg

I'm not entirely sure what the ruins are. But it's interesting.

 photo IMG_8087_zpszvdg6lg4.jpg

The other bridge. There were swans on the left side if you'd squint.

 photo IMG_8089_zpsdicgklhj.jpg

This reminds me to some illustration I can't remember. Hmmm.

 photo IMG_8097_zpsxxioy0rz.jpg

View from the gazebo. We were facing the sun, so I couldn't get any good shot.

 photo IMG_8098_zpsoejb6zt2.jpg

Later, this Indiana Jones investigated the ruins to find valuable artifact or kidnapped prince.

 photo IMG_8100_zpsofnykiwz.jpg

Instead, she found a garden.

 photo IMG_8101_zps1twggvm9.jpg

Nice from from there, though. The horizon? It's the sea. We're seriously meters away from a beach. While on the other side.

 photo IMG_8102_zps1uggueqr.jpg

Unknown mountains. There's no name in the map so I hereby name it Unknown Mountain.

 photo IMG_8103_zpsqntersan.jpg

Relief of Wisnu riding Garuda (Hindu version of Phoenix, basically. Just minus the fire)

 photo IMG_8104_zpskbc4ysbi.jpg

This garden was built with Middle Earth in mind. There's barely any railing!

 photo IMG_8105_zpsbv3descz.jpg

More of this lovely building. Someone please get married there and invite me!

 photo IMG_8120_zpscsnxoy93.jpg

This is the other building. It's more simple and traditional but so damn hard to take picture of because there are so many trees around the pool!

 photo IMG_8125_zpsowhrgvmi.jpg

More of the mysterious ruins.

 photo IMG_8126_zpsx6wlvc5d.jpg

Look at this beautiful thing! What's that, you don't think it's beautiful? Well, neither do I, but mom wants me to take a picture of it just because. So I had to slither around on my back to get a shot of it.

 photo IMG_8132_zpsuuyekmk2.jpg

Candi Dasa Beach. Nothing interesting. Moving on.

 photo IMG_8139_zpsigx8epmp.jpg

Fountain in Gua Lawah Temple. Gua = Cave. Lawah/Lawa = Bat. You will see why in a moment.

 photo IMG_8142_zpsjq7jnavx.jpg

Doors. Here are some close ups.

 photo IMG_8143_zpsq53uszu4.jpg

Bat statue. Not sure if it's gold. I will just assume it is XD

 photo IMG_8144_zpskokdvwtj.jpg

I love the doors!

 photo IMG_8145_zpsras9tlxa.jpg

 photo IMG_8146_zpse7gjafyf.jpg

Some structures (mini temples?)

 photo IMG_8148_zpsvmddf9qx.jpg

And here's the titular cave. Why is it called Gua Lawah? Well.

 photo IMG_8150_zpsg37zwo64.jpg

BECAUSE FUCKING BATS. Holy shit, the smell of it!

Apparently we take our bat caves seriously. Batman should move here!

 photo IMG_8157_zps2pau5reh.jpg

Getting away from the horrible smell of guano. I don't know how anyone can pray there. Anyway, this one building is pretty, though.

 photo IMG_8162_zpsrmozlnbf.jpg

Our next destination was Kertha Gosa but there was a ceremony nearby so we had to go round and round to look for a way to get close to it. Here's a random statue where the ceremony was held.

 photo IMG_8195_zpshuugarvn.jpg

 photo IMG_8167_zpsiwu7zc7f.jpg
I think Kertha Gosa used to be a palace. This part was a pavilion and it's got awesome paintings.

 photo IMG_8172_zps5ybnfgaa.jpg

Ceiling painting in the pavilion. It's the story of Sutasoma who I really need to google. He seems very popular in Bali because I keep finding paintings of his story.

 photo IMG_8175_zpsnsuehfbn.jpg

Sword swallowing? Psh. How about human swallowing?

 photo IMG_8179_zpsjtsf7xtq.jpg

Pictures at the bottom are Balinese calendar and above it (below Sutasoma paintings) are paintings of daily life in ancient Bali. Ok, I was tired, hot, and my neck hurt from looking at these paintings, so don't judge the out of focus pictures, ok?

 photo IMG_8184_zps6iuzfgaz.jpg

The awesome thing about going here was we met two painters and had a bit of discussion about the differences between Balinese and Javanese cultures and myths. Obviously, they're very similar (even our letters are basically the same!) with slight variations, sometimes just in pronunciation. There's also apparently a ceremony which is split between Balinese whose ancestors came from Java and Balinese who actually came from Bali. These painters' ancestors were from Java. Anyway, that above is Balinese zodiac. So, I asked what mine is (same system, different names). My birthday was Setu Legi in Javanese or Setu Manis in Balinese. So what's my zodiac?

 photo IMG_8183_zpsuolr21g8.jpg

Flying demon head. Of fucking course.

The painters asked whether I get angry easily, to which my mom immediately agreed. Apparently in any version of local zodiacs, I'm a difficult person to deal with.

But anyway, the colored inks are interesting. Red ink is made of some kind of stone, blue from some sort of cactus flower which has now gone extinct so they're using Chinese product, green from some kind of plant, and white (yellow) from bones. They use a special glue to stick the ink to papers/cloths.

 photo IMG_8197_zpssq0ddrx1.jpg

More ceiling painting from another building in Kertha Gosa.

 photo IMG_8198_zpsvzep0xam.jpg

We're not sure but we think it's the story of Bima, probably when he and his brothers and mom went to Dandaka Forest in their exile where he later met his wife (who he promptly abandoned once she gave birth to a son but let's not discuss it here. It's a damn long story). We're just tourists, though, so don't listen to us.

 photo IMG_8200_zpsd6if9nt6.jpg

Final destination! Butterfly park! Not much to say here, so here are pics of butterflies:

 photo IMG_8202_zpszygydeug.jpg
 photo IMG_8203_zpsufxe0p8l.jpg
 photo IMG_8204_zpsk8oo4odl.jpg
 photo IMG_8217_zpsr2o4zg1q.jpg
 photo IMG_8220_zps8e1brfgu.jpg
 photo IMG_8222_zps76c0sfv5.jpg
 photo IMG_8223_zpsjz4ehiuu.jpg

lol my mom thought the second one looked sickly. I'm pretty sure it's meant to look that way.

 photo IMG_8233_zpsj2anjcgn.jpg

The only story worth telling is of this poor guy here. It took these Atlas butterflies (or Baron butterflies as they call it here) two months to turn from catterpillar into a butterfly and once they're butterflies, they only had 5 days to live because they have no mouth so they will die of starvation. There's a moral lesson there somewhere. Not having a mouth is a terrible fate?

And finally, we went to Surabaya to see the solar eclipse!

 photo IMG_8261_zps8qo10olv.jpg

It's not actually red. I used old photo films to filter the glare. The result is pretty dramatic.

So. That's my vacation. Who's coming here next? XP



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Mar. 20th, 2016 04:13 pm (UTC)
Wow, that looks like an amazing trip XD love your photos! Send them to me? I'll send mine tomorrow! :D
Mar. 21st, 2016 12:17 am (UTC)
Do you want the edited ones or all of them? I gotta remember the password of my storage account first XP
Mar. 21st, 2016 04:47 am (UTC)
All of them is going to be a hell of a lot of pics, right? You know what, send a lot of them! I want them all!
Mar. 21st, 2016 04:29 pm (UTC)
It's gonna be 1.5 GB or something. I'll upload them to dropbox tomorrow because it will take about 6 hours to upload *dead*
Mar. 21st, 2016 04:37 pm (UTC)
Omg, if it takes that long then send me just the best ones and the ones with people in it! I don't want you to have slow/no internet for such a long time!
Mar. 21st, 2016 04:59 pm (UTC)
Ok! I'll just post the yogya-komodo bit. So, about half of the pics I have. I should be able to bring it down to 1GB or less.
Mar. 21st, 2016 07:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I've sent my pics to you!
Mar. 26th, 2016 07:59 pm (UTC)
Wow, those are spectacular places and amazing photos! And I love that you went with fandom friends!!!
Mar. 27th, 2016 02:38 am (UTC)
Those places are great! We're bored of the usual temples and these are new tourist destinations so we decided to check them out.

Yeah! It's good to finally meet people offline! Now I have to save money to visit them (and bribe people to accompany me)!
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