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Update on Chrome Situation

It still sucks.In fact, it got worse because now every time I open chrome and open a new tab there, it will automatically try to download an f.txt file. I've done my usual malware and junkware scan but this one proves to be stubborn. Any advice?

And about Chrome not being cooperative, could it be the flash (which I've been told there's nothing to do about)? Or something else? tacuma811 said she had this problem for months and it disappeared after she upgraded to Windows 10 but I don't want to upgrade. I also noticed that after every Windows Explorer crash, Chrome started working properly again. I can't figure out what triggers these crashes. Sometimes it happens when I try to open a program but other times it just sort of happens for no clear reason. Never mind this, it doesn't always work. Sometimes the error stays. Anyway, now chrome mostly displays blank pages though if I let it sit long enough it'll auto refresh and show codes again or it'll make chrome crash. Error notifications are now rare.

Also I tried to use Safari the other day. It worked well until I closed the window and couldn't reopen it. I've clicked the icon, restart, do anything I can think of to open the program, but it wouldn't budge. Any suggestion for alternative to Chrome?

So, basically, help? I don't want to send my laptop away to be repaired because I have all my work docs and fics there.



Sep. 7th, 2015 05:08 am (UTC)
I really hope things will be solved by then :(